Walter Russell Hall and William Knox D'Arcy (image sourced from Wikimedia Commons]

How BP nearly never existed

BP is the world’s fifth-largest oil company, turning over $303.7B in 2018 and producing 4.1 million barrels of oil per day. One of the petrochemical industry’s ‘supermajors’, BP was once perilously close to never existing at all. The story has its beginnings in the small Central Queensland town of Mount Morgan, just South of Rockhampton […]

The Mountain Flora Project – a guest blog by donna davis

by donna davis, July 2019, Creative in Residence at Queensland State Archives. I am very excited to be undertaking a position as Creative in Residence (CiR) at the Queensland State Archives (QSA). I started in May and have so far had the opportunity to undertake research, visit conservation labs, meet with specialist archivists and see […]

Thomas Baines

Finding teacher…

Welcome to Stories from the Archive’s guest blog! This guest blog is by Lorraine Digney of the Genealogical Society of Queensland. Lorraine will be taking you through the journey of a personal discovery in the Queensland State Archives. As a new user to the Archives, Lorraine talks of the trials, tribulations, and revelations of exploring […]

Where are they …? – Queensland land surveys

Finding a home for more than 250, 000 archival records sounds daunting, doesn’t it? This was the task at hand when the Land Centre on Vulture St at Woolloongabba closed. Never known to balk at a challenge, the Queensland State Archives’ transfers team worked diligently through 2017 and 2018 to get these records safely stored […]

“He was a fine boy”

The following transcript is of a letter written by Michael Arbuthnot Fraser on the 12th November 1916. “Dear Mr Sigley Tell Mrs S I got her first letter & the last one & I don’t know how I can thank her for her thoughtfulness in having my clothes attended to for I am sure they […]

The Queensland Woollen Manufacturing Company

2018 marks the tenth anniversary of the Queensland Woollen Manufacturing Company woollen mill being listed on the Queensland Heritage Register because of its significance in the history of manufacturing in Queensland. When asked “are you aware of any circumstances … which would render it expedient to place the ship and people in quarantine?” the Health […]

Masonic Records in the Archives

My Dad was a Freemason, just like his dad and his dad before that. Back we go through the generations and various Lodge records held in Queensland, New South Wales, Ireland and Scotland that document the membership of my forebears for more than 150 years in this unique society once considered a Secret Society. Times […]

Arson, Strikes and Murder: Queensland’s Supreme Court

This article, by Dr Shirleene Robinson, was originally published on the Queensland State Archives website, November 2012. Throughout its history, Queensland’s Supreme court has played a central role in the administration of justice in the state. It has heard some of the most notorious legal cases in Queensland’s history. It was founded on 7 August […]

Silhouettes in the sky: Glass House Mountains

“Each stands in gloomy isolation, silent and alone. One mighty mass of rock stands facing the railway line, cliff fronted, savage, defiant, towering majestically into the clear blue sky, the wild rough stone face all scarred and caverned by the rains and tempests of ten thousand years.” – Archibald Meston, Queensland Railway And Tourists Guide, […]