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As well as the many great posts we have here on our First World War blog, we’ve also been commemorating the First World War in many other ways.


Going to war

Our ‘Going to War’ exhibition is in our foyer exhibition space at QSA’s premises – 345 Compton Rd Runcorn. The first in a series of exhibitions, the ‘Going to War’ exhibition looks at Queensland’s early response to the war – from the declaration through to recruitment and the first embarkation of troops. Queenslanders eagerly signed up and those at home rallied by starting patriotic funds and contributing to them. The exhibition displays documents and photos that offer a keen insight into Queensland’s experience of ‘the war to end all wars’.



As part of the ‘Going ‘to War’ exhibition we’ve produced a series of letter readings – letters of thanks, pleas to the government, an offer of help from ten-year-old Isobelle Scarth, and a letter of desperation from Private James Solomon.

Online seminar

QSA often holds seminars to help researchers and to highlight particular records in our collection. On 21 April we’ll be hosting a seminar on First World War records. Experience the impact of the war through the many non-military records held in our collection and learn more about the Queensland effort during the First World War.

Flyer titled “Menace of War and Conscription” advertising a meeting to mark the 20 year anniversary of the defeat of the first conscription referendum, 1 November 1936

This free seminar will be held at QSA’s premises and will also be broadcast online as a webinar via our livestream channel. To ask questions during the webinar, sign up to livestream before the webinar and follow our channel. You can watch at home the webinar at home, or some local libraries and other groups are partnering with QSA to hold group viewings. To book for the on-site seminar contact us on 07 3131 7777 or email info@archives.qld.gov.au. To attend a hosted webinar, contact your local library, or get in touch with us.

If you would like to host a webinar, read our how to guide.


On QSA’s historypin channel we have a number of collections of archival records pinned to their geographical location. Have a look at these two projects:


The QSA website has a number of essays on many topics including the First World War.

Resources for researchers

For researchers, we’ve published a First World War page dedicated to the wealth of war-related records in our collection.

School curriculum resources


For high school History students and teachers, look at our curriculum resources page.

Online exhibitions

We also a number of online exhibitions from our Image Queensland catalogue, highlighting the many war records we hold at QSA.

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