Murphy’s Creek Railway Accident

On the morning of January 29, 1913 a livestock train departed from Toowoomba and derailed near the Murphy’s Creek railway station, about one mile from the station yard limits. No members of the crew were injured, but many hundreds of cattle were killed and a considerable amount of damage was caused to the vehicles and the track.

Another view of the wreckage, 1913. ITM1742410

In response a breakdown train was sent to the scene of the disaster to clear the line for traffic. The area where the derailment had taken place was relatively inaccessible and workers had to prise the wreckage apart. Tragically, the next day a relief train from Toowoomba ran into the men working on the breakdown, with the result that six men were killed and several were seriously injured.

Within its collection Queensland State Archives holds the depositions and findings from the inquest into the railway accident at Murphy’s Creek (Queensland State Archives ITM18933). The inquest file, number 164 of 1913, is available for viewing in the Public Search Room.

Rescuing the injured, 1913. ITM1742405

From the inquest file, the following photos from the railway accident at Murphy’s Creek have been digitised and you can view them online now:

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    Thanks for these photos, how would I discover if there are any photos of Sgt Peters who attended the accident. We do not live in Brisbane so I cannot visit the Archives. Thank you, Alice Peters

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