Crash at Camp Mountain

We hold some incredible tales within the collection at QSA. Some offer insight into our shared history, other’s offer stories of heroism and adventure, or of incarceration and subjugation.

And some shed light on moments of disaster.

Derailment Map CM

The events that befell the passengers of Train E91 on Monday 5 May 1947 resulted in the largest loss of life due to a train crash in Queensland – 16 people died, including the driver and fireman, and 38 people were injured.

Within our collection resides the testimony of survivors and witnesses of what is still the worst railway disaster in Queensland. We wanted to share their story in a meaningful way, telling the events of that fateful day in their words.

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  1. Heather Tolmie

    My father was an Engineer at the Ipswich Railway Workshops and he was one of the people sent to get the Loco. I can remember seeing it sitting at Mayne Junction in 1947. Would there be any photos of the retrieval of the Loco that might show my father .

  2. Peter Kitchen

    My Dad sadly lost his brother and 2 other members of their family in this unfortunate accident on the Labour Day holiday outing.

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