Referendum Blues

Four days before Australians voted in the 1916 referendum about compulsory military service, a teacher at Richmond Hill State School decided to explore this process of voting when teaching the combined  Fourth and Fifth classes. On Tuesday 24 October Mr William John Williams discussed the concept of a referendum -“what it is, when it is […]

Trampled on by Wild Horses: Schooling in Nanango

Nanango School’s 150th anniversary in January 2016 is worthy of a community celebration for many reasons, not least because this school survived some particularly tough times in its early years. Within our archive collection is a letter handwritten in 1865 that “begs” for assistance from the Board of Education “for needful help” from the inhabitants […]

Aspects of the heritage of Maroon, Queensland

Travelling throughout Queensland we see many small towns and communities, marked by their school and often a war memorial. These places are not only significant for their communities, but reflect the pattern of Queensland’s history and regional development. The Queensland Heritage Register details those places considered to hold cultural significance. Recently the Maroon State School […]