Barcaldine dead farm file

Shearing sheep, Barcaldine District, c 1948

The file Barcaldine: 156 – Item ID70850 (Dead Farm Files – Series ID14050) is a favourite because it is very much alive with details of rural life on a 9000 acre grazing selection in the first decades of the twentieth century. It reveals the struggle to meet selection conditions of fencing and stocking during the severe […]

Finding my family in the school registers

I started coming to the Queensland State Archives to look at the school admission registers and to find the dates my siblings and I started school. It was a great thrill to find the details of all four of us at our little one teacher sized school and to recall others who also attended at […]

Moreton Bay Prison’s past

Congratulations to Queensland State Archives achieving its 50 kilometre mark. All that storage – all those stories. Should Moreton Bay’s firstborn white child Amity Moreton Thompson’s application for land be selected? Despite plaintive ‘Choose me, Choose me’ urgings, a more comprehensive document has won my heart. The Chronological Register of Convicts at Moreton Bay, listing […]