Finding my family in the school registers

I started coming to the Queensland State Archives to look at the school admission registers and to find the dates my siblings and I started school. It was a great thrill to find the details of all four of us at our little one teacher sized school and to recall others who also attended at the same time.

On subsequent visits I found information on my father, two cousins and some second cousins at another school.

The most exciting find was that of my uncle’s enrollment at Headington Hill State School in July, 1912. This has been the only way I have been able to discover when my father and his family arrived in the district after traveling from the New South Wales South Coast.

The Stables and windmill at Headington Hill, 1897
The Stables and windmill at Headington Hill, 1897

The school admission registers have proved to be my favourite record because they have provided me with most valuable information. I am grateful to the staff that assisted me in my search.

Marian Moar (researcher)

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    I am looking for information about the history of the development of Headington Hill. It seems from research that my great grandparents and 2 of their children lived there around 1878

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