Postcards laid out

Postcard confessions: Edward Wenzel’s Murder

James Hampson and Norman Osborne walked into the Murgon Police Station, about 100 kilometres west of Gympie, at about 8.40pm on Wednesday 6 June 1917. Hampson said that he had shot Edward William Wenzel. He did not know if Wenzel had survived. Hampson and his wife, Mary, ran a small shop in Murgon with their […]

Murder on Mt. Coot-Tha

Within the collection at QSA we have an array of secrets and treasures, from documents that shed light on the development of Queensland to mugshots of our more infamous citizens. In this blog, we wanted to share the story behind a colourful watercolour held in the QSA reps. A chromatic map of the iconic Mount […]