Dardanelles Estate

In August 1915, in the midst of the Gallipoli Campaign, the name ‘Dardanelles’ was used to advertise a new estate in an expanding Brisbane suburb. The Dardanelles is the name of the main sea lane through which troops were transported to the Gallipoli peninsula, Turkey in 1915 and 1916. Land in this estate in the Parish of Bulimba was advertised for sale by auction on 21 August 1915. Being specifically for “men of all means” it offered splendid views and only a 10 minute walk to the railway station. The blocks were mainly 16 perches, with some larger blocks fronting the main road. These facts are illustrated in this poster, and the imagery reflects the continuing state of war.

Queensland State Archives, Digital Image ID 26095

The inset sketch contains information on local places and industry such as the Queensland Co-operative Bacon Factory and Chemical Works. The handy to school feature is newly accurate as the Cannon Hill State School opened on 16 August 1915. Queensland State Archives holds the school admission registers for this school from 1915 to 1987 (Series ID 1796). The unsold balance of the estate was offered in one lot for a cash sale in 1932. (The Brisbane Courier, 23 January 1932, page 22) Does anyone know about these properties then or now?

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  1. DarkeScamp

    Lovely poster. Just a comment about your text – the Dardanelles is actually the strait between the Gallipoli Peninsula and the Turkish mainland, not the sea lane leading to the peninsula. It was the Dardanelles that the French, British and Anzacs invaded Gallipoli to try to capture, to give them access to Constantinople and the Black Sea, but never quite got there.

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