The King remembers: Anzac Day messages

25 April 2016 is the 100 year anniversary of Anzac Day. Within our records we found this message featured in The Age newspaper on 25 April 1916, first published on this day in 1916, from His Majesty, King George V: Published in newspapers across Australia, in the third year of the First World War, the […]

Portrait of Hubert Ebenezer Sizer

One more soldier found – Hubert Ebenezer Sizer MLA

In the course of creating the workshop and seminar on how to find your First World War Soldier, Queensland State Archives staff regularly came across references to Corporal Sizer, as he was mentioned frequently in newspapers of the time. With our curiosity stirred, we wanted to find out who this Corporal Sizer was and whether […]

A soldier’s mother writes to the Premier of Queensland

In July 1915, Lallie Fowler Houston – mother of Francis (Frank) William Houston – wrote a letter of complaint to T J Ryan, the newly elected Premier of Queensland. Frank joined the Australian Imperial Forces (AIF) soon after war was declared – on 21 August 1914. He was a sergeant with the 9th Battalion and […]

Dardanelles Estate

In August 1915, in the midst of the Gallipoli Campaign, the name ‘Dardanelles’ was used to advertise a new estate in an expanding Brisbane suburb. The Dardanelles is the name of the main sea lane through which troops were transported to the Gallipoli peninsula, Turkey in 1915 and 1916. Land in this estate in the […]

The Anzac legend begins

The approaching Anzac Centenary has been the impetus for us to research the collection and identify interesting items for students, teachers, armchair historians and anyone interested in Queensland history. In this post we are looking at records that specifically refer to the early days of the Gallipoli campaign. The Dardanelles is the name of the […]

They won’t be home for Christmas

I won’t pretend to know what the troops thought as they left Pinkenba, Queensland in September 1914 or when they left Albany, Western Australia in November 1914 but I’m fairly certain many had thoughts of home on 25 December 1914. Most of the Australian men who joined the Australian Imperial Force (AIF) in August 1914 […]