The mysterious disappearance of Lionel Paul

Have you read an article on Trove and it sounds too good to be true, or just want to find out more? Well, it just so happens we might have items in the collection that can back the writers claims up (at least for Queensland based articles anyway).

One of our fantastic volunteers found the below:

I was dating a Judge’s Notebook (Item ID 9383) that had come up from the public search room. The notebook didn’t actually have any dates written inside it, so I looked up the names of the last case written in the book and was able to locate a final activity date in a Register of Judgements book (Item ID 9389). We also looked the names up on Trove to get a good idea of dates and stumbled across a pretty amazing story. Basically, Lionel owed someone money (noted in the judge’s notebook) and then around that time he went missing and was suspected to be murdered.

Queensland State Archives Item ID 9383, Judge’s Notebook
Queensland State Archives Item ID 9389, Judgement Book

There are lots of gems in the 67km of records at Queensland State Archives, you just need to start searching for them! If you are interested in making your own discoveries we have handy information available on our website to get you started on your journey of exploration and research. Our Start your research page is a great place to begin.

Want to read the Trove article about Lionel and find out what is known about his disappearance? Visit The mystery of Lionel Paul on Trove.

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