Who’s your mob?

If you want to find out about where you come from, the Community and Personal Histories team can help. The team can help you use records to research your family and personal history, or help you with other information such as confirming dates of birth, for you, or older relatives. The Community and Personal Histories […]

First World War casualty records revealed

By Adrian Harrison, Department of Justice and Attorney-General, guest blogger Few people realise that the Queensland Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages (RBDM) holds comprehensive death registrations for a large number of service men and women¹ who enlisted in Queensland and died while on active duty during both world wars. Only the registries in South […]

War census and Protector of Aboriginals records

Discovering archival records can throw up as many questions as answers. When staff from the Community and Personal Histories section (Department of Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islander and Multicultural Affairs) located and indexed aboriginal census returns we knew this to be a treasure trove of information, but the questions started: Were these stand alone lists […]

Catching criminals in Queensland State Archives’ collection

Are you looking for an individual who seems to have just disappeared? Someone who might be a bit of a shady character? Then criminal records in Queensland State Archives’ collection could be just what you need to make a research breakthrough! Catching historical criminals in Queensland is easy when you learn more about the types […]

Recently digitised content

We are continuing to add digitised content to our catalogue relating to the First World War for you to explore. The three items highlighted in this post show the importance of food and supplies to the war effort, not just the men. The following three telegrams are now available 1. Telegram from the Agent-General London requesting […]

Five tips to help you find your First World War soldier

We recently held a workshop to assist researchers in locating information about First World War soldiers. If you want to get started on your research we’ve put together these helpful resource suggestions highlighted in the seminar. 1. Military records Senior reference archivist Saadia Thomson-Dwyer used a case study approach to illustrate war service information that […]

What to call the war

The first hurdle when searching for records relating to the First World War, or The Great War, is what to call it. Our records containing First World War information were created during or shortly after the war of 1914–1918. Recordkeepers of the day simply used the term their department was using when they registered, bundled […]

Finding my family in the school registers

I started coming to the Queensland State Archives to look at the school admission registers and to find the dates my siblings and I started school. It was a great thrill to find the details of all four of us at our little one teacher sized school and to recall others who also attended at […]